Come join us for our next vaudeville night on October 25.

A very special public service announcement from your friends at Grappling Snark…

Cornelius Vanguard, you need to watch your stress eating.

Check out the latest experiment from Grappling Snark Labs. Move over, TED and SETI!

Things are getting artsy in the adorable world of Grappling Snark.

Skeleton Guy, Army Guy, and Possibly an Insect star in Grappling Snark’s first stop-motion animated film.

Learn more about what’s available at the Grappling Snark merch page that’s over this a-way!

I know we’ve been around for a solid year–even if it feels like 50–but we’ve finally built a welcoming video. Welcome!

If you weren’t able to make our phenomenally phenomenal show at Silvie’s Lounge on 4/2/11, then are you in for a treat! The following are a few highlights from the show, so it’ll feel like you were there, you fair-weather fan.

Sometimes people request that we dance. Usually we do.

Our music video for our outstanding hit cover of “Christmas Shoes”, originally by Christian vocal group NewSong. We thought the best way to celebrate the holiday spirit was to make this music video look like it was made by a 50-year-old Christian woman, mother of four, for her church’s contemporary service.

Our music video (with two awesome logos) for the theme song/national anthem we wrote for the nerd-heavy social networking site, The Node. It was a contest and, no, we don’t know if we won yet. Also, if we don’t win, I won’t correct this text in the future.

Our first music video, for the smash hit “Human Centipedes Are Still Human (Love Theme from The Human Centipede).”

WARNING: This video does contain The Human Centipede trailer in its entirety, so have your puke bucket ready.

Shot by amateur videographer Martin Scorsese, this video captures the first performance of Grappling Snark, which was only their 3rd or 4th time playing together.

Witness the Dionysian revelry!

A Grappling Snark original!

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