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Copies of our 1st demo CD (Cat Violin: The Basement Sessions) are available for $5 including shipping and handling (we sell them for $2 at our shows). Each comes in a hand-colored sleeve. Track listing:

1. Human Centipedes Are Still Human
2. In the Node
3. C is for Cookie
4. The Christmas Shoes
5. Improbable Love Metaphors
6. Rent Cats
7. The Final Countdown (on melodica)
8. Human Centipede Remix (Muscle-Tooth)
9. Rent Cats Remix (Feline Foaming)


Each of the images below is available in a limited edition print of 100. Each print is signed and numbered by Ben Underwood. Unless otherwise requested each print will come laminated. They are suitable for framing. Titles, prices, and approximate sizes are listed below. More images and info coming soon!

The Giant Baby Head Zaps the Radioactive Elephant, 10.75″x5.25″, $40

Kingdom Battle Tourism Ad, 13″x10.75″, $40

Why You Should Be More Optimistic, 4″x3.75″, $10

The Omnipresence of Sluts in the Space Age, 16.5″x8.75″, $40

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