Saturday, October 25 at 8:00pm
Silvie’s Lounge: 1902 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60613

Facebook event page!

This is our super major RECORD RELEASE show! Stay tuned for info on the other acts. As usual, Grappling Snark and the other performers will do 10-minute sets and rotate throughout the night for an always-changing array of entertainment wonder. Join us.

Acts include (but are not necessarily limited to):
- Grappling Snark
- Bob Rok
- Karl Southgate (Dead Reckoning)


Vaudeville Night at Silvie’s Lounge (Irving Park and Wolcott, Chicago, IL)
Saturday, July 20, 2013
8:00 pm (show time!)

Vaudeville night is a magical evening when comedians, musicians, dancers, chefs, magicians, puppeteers, improvisers and more gather to perform a series of 10-minute sets.

It’s fun, FUN–and boredom is banished because there’s always a new wonder before your eyes.

Join us, won’t you!

The line-up:
Grappling Snark: Vaudevillains [sic]
Bob Rok: Rapper
Candy Lawrence: Stand-up
Tim Casady: Magician
Lou and John: Comedy Duo

Looking for Love

Grappling Snark will be the musical guest for the next installment of Chicago’s favorite live dating show Looking for Love with Carolyn Hoerdemann and Maggie Graham

Come see 3 handsome bachelors compete for the chance to go on a date wtih 1 lovely lady–wackiness ensues!

Collaboration Room 300, the Flat Iron Building, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL, USA
June 15, 2013

Vaudeville Night with Grappling Snark and Friends

Fast-paced comedy, music, magic, food, and more for $5

The Bill:
Grappling Snark – vaudvillains [sic]
Sean White – stand-up
Karl from Dead Reckoning – band-man
Lou Bank – outlaw chef
Maggie Graham – stand-up
Arcostar – rock band
Jackie Daniels & the Good Ol’ Boys – country band
John Sturk – magician
Rachael Paul-Heinz – classical [cat] violinist (inside joke!)
The YesAndwiches – improv troupe

Each act will do multiple 10-minute sets over the course of the night– with no interruptions between entertainments.

Infinite fun for the fun-inclined!

WHERE? Silvie’s Lounge, 1902 W. Irving Park, Chicago, IL
WHEN? Saturday, January 12


Saturday, July 28, 8PM

Vaudeville Night – Comedy, Music, Magic!

Vaudeville Night comes but twice a year!

Are you bored and annoyed at the veritable Tatooinian desert of rock-bottom-priced entertainment options available to you on Saturday, July 28th in Chicago? Us too!

This show will feature so much variety, you will be unbearably entertained. We’ll have multiple 10-minute performances by the acts below, and the beautiful and charming fellows at Grappling Snark will emcee you all night long. All this for $5!

Here’s the line up, with more to come:

- Grappling Snark: vaudevillains [sic]
- Rachael Paul-Heinz: classical violinist
- Maggie Graham: crack comedian
- Tim Casady: mind-bending magician
- Good Ole Boys: country band
- S.G. Matthew Corey: genius poet
- The Grand Reckoning: roq musique

WHERE? Silvie’s Lounge, 1902 W. Irving Park, Chicago, IL


May 30, 2012 Grappling Snark with be the musical guest of the Accountants of Homeland Security at the Black Rock Pub at Damen and Addison (in Chicago!). The show starts at 8:00. It’s FREE! In addition to us, the show will feature some great stand-up comedians and sketches. Plus!!! The stand-up debut of Cornelius Vanguard.

Grappling Snark are Looking for Love with Carolyn and Maggie, Collaboration Room 300, the Flat Iron Building, Wicker Park, 10:30, 3/17/12–St. Patrick’s Day

Grappling Snark appearing as the musical guest of the Accountants of Homeland Security at the Black Rock Pub at Damen and Addison (in Chicago!), 9ish, 2/29/12–LEAP DAY!

Saturday, 1/14/12, 8:30 pm: Sylvie’s Lounge

Vaudeville Night brought to you by Grappling Snark

Wikipedia says, “Vaudeville was a theatrical genre of variety entertainment in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. Each performance was made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts grouped together on a common bill.”

It’s back! One night only! Not to be missed!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up for an evening of unparalleled entertainment!

Holy Hannah! Cheese and crackers!

Here’s how it will work: Acts will perform 5-15 minute sets, and each act will perform multiple times, so you get a constantly rotating flow of amazing entertainment with Grappling Snark as your emcees.

Here’s the bill (in alphabetical order):

The Adaptations – folk
Arcostar – rock band
Lou Bank – chef
Tim Casady – magician
Dead Horse – country band
Grappling Snark – comedy/music/sketch act
Kristen Kehoe – comedienne
Thrown Together – comedy duo
Bob Rok – rapper
Scale – funk band
Will County Power Trio – cover band

Oh my goodness!


Be there.

Facebook event page

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, 6/4/11, 8:00 pm: Sylvie’s Lounge

A Night With Grappling Snark and Friends: Music, Jokes, Magic, and PBR

Man, oh, man, oh, man.

And you thought Grappling Snark couldn’t get any snarkier.

Well, friends, Grappling Snark is back in the habit, like Sister Mary Clarence. Your favorite comedy/rock duo of cuties will be returning to the fabulous Silvie’s Lounge (tagline: “We Have Darts”) for an epic night of 1,000 grapples.

For a mere $5 (tell the delightful bear guarding the door that you’re there for Grappling Snark), you get everything: hip-hop, dancing, grappling, music, and all the PBR you could drink if you pay for it yourself.

Seriously, we hope we can blow your minds this time. There will be collaborations galore, some amazing openers, and–by popular demand–a burlesque dancer. So, yes, there’s no excuse not to come on down to Silvie’s Lounge for the time of your life.

Temporary Schedule of Events:

8 p.m. – Shawn and Ben
8:45 p.m. – Tim, the World’s Finest Magician (we like him)
9 p.m. – Bob Rok
9:45 p.m. The Dance Stylings of Sauda Namir
10 p.m. – Grappling Snark

And there will be–yes, there WILL be–even more surprises in store, including a raffle, a song with total audience participation, and brief suggestive dialogue. For those of you in an unnamed part-time program who may think they need to prep for finals instead of coming to the show, there will even be a song that will incorporate a full review session for every class.

Facebook event

Thursday, 5/19/11, 10:30 pm: Elbo Room

Grappling Snark with Addieville (& Others)

Ooh, child!

Saturday, 4/2/11, 9:00 pm: Sylvie’s Lounge

The Snark is back!

We’re returning to put on an epic show at Silvie’s Lounge at Irving Park and Wolcott, just half a block west of the Irving Park Brown Line station, meaning there’s no excuse not to take the train, get wasted, and live it up. Seriously, it’s a Saturday night show, so the party is going to be flowing. We’ll have new songs, new skits, old favorites, a Tyrannosaurus, dancing, on-stage cooking, not dancing, and possibly a little Ke$ha. Be ready.

Joining us will be awesome local alt-rock group Arcostar, the Adaptations, and a mystery group. Look for the Snark to Grapple around 10 p.m., but come early to get good seats (stands).

Saturday, 2/19/11, 7:00 pm: US Beer Company

Grappling Snark playing entirely out of its element, $9 ($7 if purchased by January 31st with code GRAPPLING710)

You are likely to explode. We are likely to explode. Never before. Never again. All the time. Every time. Like the first time–only better

GS back again. More songs, more jokes, more song jokes. Be there and be square.

This is our first show with our new booking agent; only you can make it a success!!

Buy tickets here, you awesome, awesome kids.

Sunday, 1/23/11, 8:00 pm: Elbo Room

Grappling Snark’s First Show of the New Year, $7

Be sure to tell them at the door that you’re there for GRAPPLING SNARK! (or better yet, make your own Grappling Snark t-shirt)

Debuting as much new material as the Gin Blossoms didn’t at their last show!

Line-up (that’s an imperative)–appearing in this order
The Adaptations
Grappling Snark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mama Dempsey
Bob Rok

Friday, 12/10/10, 8:00 pm: Miska’s (2156 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL)

The Grappling Snark Variety Hour–Now with More Hours! FREE! (NO COVER!)

Grappling Snark is hosting its very first explosive variety show, culminating in a stunning live performance by the band itself. Music! Entertainment! Other things!

We’ll keep you updated on the playbill, but expect unexpected guests and even more unexpected joy. Music will begin at 8 p.m. and continue until ??? (Approximate schedule posted below.)

8:00: Scott and Ian
8:45: ???
9:00: The Adaptations
9:45: ???
10:00: Grappling Snark

So you might think at first glance that this venue is a liquor store, and you’d be right, but take just a few steps north on Leavitt, and you’ll find the entrance to a magical place. Well, a bar. A MAGICAL BAR!

A magical bar where Grappling Snark and friends will be playing at no cost to you. That’s right! Free!

This will be just the thing to kill the preholiday/dead-of-winter blues.

The halls aren’t going to deck themselves! Get with it!

We’ll see you there.

Friday, 12/3/10, 7:00-10:00 pm: Risque Cafe (3419 N Clark St. in Wrigleyville)

Mustache for the Cure (emceed by and featuring a live performance from Grappling Snark)

$25 nets you all-you-can-drink call drinks and domestic beers for three hours, and proceeds are donated to Movember to aid cancer research. Music! Door prizes! Raffles! SHH–silent auction.

Sunday, 10/3/10, 6:00 pm: Invitation only house show.

Hit us up if you want to come:

appearing with all.ball, Scott Wentland & Friend, and the make-do!

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